We are a company specialized in the installation of geotextile and geomembrane. Our range of services includes waterproofing.

Our range

We work on several types of structures, the main ones being:

Environmental protection​

Environmental protection​

- Waste storage centers (sealing of cells, rehabilitation, temporary and permanent covers, leachate basins and PE) - Industrial basins of accidental realization - Fire reserve basins, road basins - Rehabilitation of sites – containment - Wastewater treatment plant (basins, networks)
Agricultural works

Agricultural works

-Agricultural works
Hydraulic or industrial works

Hydraulic or industrial works

- Settling ponds, treatment ponds - Dams - hill reservoirs - Water reserves, orange ponds - Reservoir pavements - Recreational or decorative ponds - landscaping - Glofs
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Trust us

Choosing to trust us for the realization of your projects means choosing quality work and a commitment to keeping our promises.


Material demanding


qualified and experienced

A plan

Of systematic quality assurance

A site supervision

With your teams.

Un choix exigeant

In terms of equipment

From hot air welders to polyfusion welders, we use technical equipment known for their precision and reliability. Our fleet of machines is rigorously maintained and regularly updated to ensure the quality of your projects.

Un personnel

Qualified and mobile

In order to meet the requirements of the market and offer quality services, EURL PORT ENVIRONNEMENT implements certification (professional certifications) for all its technicians. Our teams travel throughout Algeria and offer you the flexibility and responsiveness of an SME. All of our teams are of course qualified in operating construction machinery (CACES or driving license), ensuring the safety of construction sites.

Un plan d’assurance

Systematic quality

The implementation of geosynthetics and networks is carried out in
the rules of the art. in full compliance with the recommendations
guidelines for waterproofing with geomembranes. Edited by
the French Committee for Geosynthetics (C.F.G) and the standards in
force for networks.
For each project, we produce a SOPAQ-technical report
(which describes our installation and inspection procedures), which is validated by the
Owner/Project Manager and that our teams follow
scrupulously to guarantee your works.

Site monitoring with your teams

In order to meet your deadlines and according to your constraints, we
We prepare a precise implementation plan for each site. Our heads of
work sites supervise daily the completion of the
construction sites.
At the end of the construction site, we prepare, at your request (if planned in
order), a verification file presenting the documents guaranteeing
our works.
This file, a real passport to your work, lists the points
following in a user-friendly format:
– The as-built plan
– The technical sheets of the materials used (traceability)
– Material receipt sheets
– Support receipt forms
– Welding inspection reports
– The “factory control” sheets sent by manufacturer

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